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Caviar Selection at Caviar&Bull

In collaboration with Royal Belgian Caviar we are offering a wide selection of caviars to our guests. The items are available in 5g taster and 50g box in our restaurant.

Beluga sturgeon “HUSO HUSO”. The grain diametar is minimum 3,5mm and the age of the sturgeon is at least 18 years. The eggs have greyish ebony shade with delicate salty flavor followed by rich, buttery and creamy touches with an incredibly refined after taste.

It’s a type of Albino Sterlet steur – “Acipenser ruthenus” (albino variety). The grain diameter varies from 2,2mm to 2,7mm and the sturgeon age is at least 4 years. The flavor is rich, buttery, salty and creamy flavor that melts on the tongue and it has an unique pearl-like color.

Sturgeon mainly from the Caspian Sea region, also called Russian sturgeon “Acipenser gueldenstaedti” with grain diameter of 2,9mm to 3,4mm and sturgeon age at least 9/10 years. OSIETRA’s color varies from olive to dark green, sometimes even amber-colored and it has a pleasant mouth feel with salty and typical nutty flavor followed by touches of minerals.

Crossbreed between Russian and Siberian sturgeon. Hybrid between “Acipenser gueldenstaedti” & “Acipenser baeri”. Strong eggs with salty, creamy flavor, a subtle touch of nuts and an olive green to deep dark green color. The age of the sturgeon is at least 7/8 years and the grain diameter is 2,9mm to 3,4mm.

Siberian sturgeon or a crossbreed between Russian and Siberian sturgeon – Acipenser baeri of hybride tussen Acipenser gueldenstaedti & Acipenser baeri, with grain diameter of 2.7mm to 3.2mm and age of minimum 5/6 years. Its color varies from deep dark green to black and the flavor is salty, followed by rich creamy feel with a pleasant and subtle after-taste.

Our Chef Patron Marvin Gauci with our Executive Chef Sergi Huerga Marin at Royal Belgian Caviar farm.

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