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7 BEST RESTAURANTS OF BUDAPEST IN 2017 by Daily News Hungary

The gastronomical scene of Budapest was full of amazing restaurants in 2017, from the exciting mixture of Hungarian and Maltese cuisine to the bistro evoking French elegance and the hamburger-Canaan of London. We have no reason to complain, it was an abundant year. Here you can find Funzine.hu’s old and new favourites, restaurants in Budapest where they will certainly return in 2018 as well.

CAVIAL & BULL restaurant is an urban pearl, following the footsteps of its Maltese alter ego, but the Hungarian influence can be seen in its interior and menu. Caviar & Bull uses local products, such as paprika, Tokaji Aszú, and Mangalica pig meat for its iconic dishes and Hungarian curiosities. If you would like to try special tastes in an amazing environment, you should visit Caviar & Bull Budapest, which has been one of the best restaurants according to TripAdvisor soon after its opening.

Read more at: https://dailynewshungary.com/7-best-budapest-restaurants-of-2017/

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